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​​Michelle is here to assist you in your own self - healing and help you improve your quality of life. "I combine Quantum Biofeedback Therapy along with nutritional coaching to help you gain control and restore your health". 

Quantum Biofeedback Therapy is Vibrational Medicine, the missing link to healing. It has a tremendous ability to recognize and reduce stress patterns in the human energy field (aura) that are creating a state of imbalance in your body. These patterns form in our Aura and if they continue to hold due to stress, especially long term stress, disease can begin to form. Energy (CHI) needs to keep moving. Auras are thought to serve as a measure of the state of health of the physical body. Do you know disease patterns can form in the energy field up to 2 years before it manifests in the physical body? What happened in your life the year before illness? These patterns can remain and slow down recovery and Biofeedback will help to retrain and release the energetic patterns that have created the blockages and have an impact on your health. The subtle electromagnetic frequencies help to influence energetic pathways to increase your personal frequency and vitality. 

Shift your patterns, increase your vibrational frequency and start a path of health today! 

Medical research indicates stress plays a role in at least 87% of all illness
and 80% of all physician visits are for stress related complaints. 

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